How Audacity Split Tracks [Step-by-Step Guide]

One trick that music professionals do to create a piece of music is to split and merge multiple tracks. Here, we’re going to show you how Audacity split tracks enabling you to skip from one track to another and play it on a music player.

Audacity Split Tracks

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Audacity is one of the best audio editing tools that professionals are using. It has the necessary built-in effects to create good music, plus, it supports hundreds of plugins for additional effects. It also runs on cross-platforms such as Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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How Audacity Split Tracks

The first thing you need to do is to download Audacity for Windows, Mac, or Linux. Then, launch the software and follow the steps below.

Step 1. Open Audacity on your device.

Step 2. Import the multiple tracks you want to split.

Step 3. On the waveform, select the first track you want to be separated from the multi-track.

Step 4. Go to Tracks Menu and click on Add Label At Selection and label or name the first track.

Step 5. Repeat the third and fourth steps until you have labeled all the tracks into individual tracks. You can also move the tags to get the exact position of where you want to split the tracks.

Step 6. Then, go to the File Menu and click Export Multiple.

Step 7. Save the files according to your preferred format. Split the files based on labels and name the files using the track name.

Step 8. Click Export and you will the metadata of your audio file. Then, click the OK button.

Step 9. Once done, you can see your audio file saved as separate tracks from multi-tracks. And, it’s done!

That’s how you can easily split multiple tracks to individual tracks. Now, what if you have many individual tracks and wanted them to merge and create a long-form playlist for a CD?

Proceed to the next part for the instructions.

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How to Merge Multiple Tracks in Audacity

Step 1. Open Audacity and import all the files you want to merge.

Step 2. Click Edit menu and Select All.

Step 3. Go to Tracks Menu and Select Align Tracks. Then, click Align End to End.

Step 4. Once done, go back to Edit Menu and Select All.

Step 5. Then, on the File menu, click the Export Selected Audio option.

Step 6. Name the combined files and click OK to save it.

Step 7. Wait for a few minutes for Audacity to finish the process. Combining will take a lot of time depending on how many tracks you have merged.

Step 8. After that, you can now see the combined files and you can preview it for some editing (if there’s a need).

Wrapping Up

You may be thinking of how difficult music editors go through the process of splitting and merging tracks, because that was I am also thinking before writing this article. But after knowing the process with the use of Audacity of course, I can confidently say that even non-pro can do this task.

If you want to experience creating your own tracks, then try the guide we have provided above. Leave us your questions if you have some and we’ll try to get back to you.

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