How Audacity Split Tracks [Step-by-Step Guide]

One trick that music professionals do to create a piece of music is to split and merge multiple tracks. Here, we’re going to show you how Audacity split tracks enabling you to skip from one track to another and play it on a music player.

Audacity Split Tracks

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Audacity is one of the best audio editing tools that professionals are using. It has the necessary built-in effects to create good music, plus, it supports hundreds of plugins for additional effects. It also runs on cross-platforms such as Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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How Audacity Split Tracks

The first thing you need to do is to download Audacity for Windows, Mac, or Linux. Then, launch the software and follow the steps below.

Step 1. Open Audacity on your device.

Step 2. Import the multiple tracks you want to split.

Step 3. On the waveform, select the first track you want to be separated from the multi-track.

Step 4. Go to Tracks Menu and click on Add Label At Selection and label or name the first track.

Step 5. Repeat the third and fourth steps until you have labeled all the tracks into individual tracks. You can also move the tags to get the exact position of where you want to split the tracks.

Step 6. Then, go to the File Menu and click Export Multiple.

Step 7. Save the files according to your preferred format. Split the files based on labels and name the files using the track name.

Step 8. Click Export and you will the metadata of your audio file. Then, click the OK button.

Step 9. Once done, you can see your audio file saved as separate tracks from multi-tracks. And, it’s done!

That’s how you can easily split multiple tracks to individual tracks. Now, what if you have many individual tracks and wanted them to merge and create a long-form playlist for a CD?

Proceed to the next part for the instructions.

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How to Merge Multiple Tracks in Audacity

Step 1. Open Audacity and import all the files you want to merge.

Step 2. Click Edit menu and Select All.

Step 3. Go to Tracks Menu and Select Align Tracks. Then, click Align End to End.

Step 4. Once done, go back to Edit Menu and Select All.

Step 5. Then, on the File menu, click the Export Selected Audio option.

Step 6. Name the combined files and click OK to save it.

Step 7. Wait for a few minutes for Audacity to finish the process. Combining will take a lot of time depending on how many tracks you have merged.

Step 8. After that, you can now see the combined files and you can preview it for some editing (if there’s a need).

Wrapping Up

You may be thinking of how difficult music editors go through the process of splitting and merging tracks, because that was I am also thinking before writing this article. But after knowing the process with the use of Audacity of course, I can confidently say that even non-pro can do this task.

If you want to experience creating your own tracks, then try the guide we have provided above. Leave us your questions if you have some and we’ll try to get back to you.

Infographic: Learn the Language (What Code Should You Learn?)

Many students nowadays are choosing a computer-related career over those jobs wearing uniforms. Why? Because we are now in the digital age, and technology runs our community. Computer jobs like programming are in-demand at the same time pays higher than other jobs. 

However, it is not easy to land in a computer programming career. You need to have advanced knowledge, good logical reasoning and mastery because coding is too technical. 

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If you are planning to be a computer programmer someday, or you are starting to learn about it, this post can help you in your decision making. Here are some of the programming languages that are in-demand and used by popular platforms over the internet. We hope that it can help you choose what programming language should you learn to continue your career on the coming years. 

Image Source: Internet

How SHAREit Works: Its Concept and Technical Process

Have you ever wondered how SHAREit works? How did the developer come up with such a great file-sharing application that can meet the needs of the users? This is pretty much a question for us who do not know anything about programming and such.

How SHAREit Works

Remember those times when we rely on a program that takes like forever to transfer a single file. Yeah, you’re right. I am talking about our old best-friend – the Bluetooth. Bluetooth left us so many memories when smartphones are not yet existing. It is a tool which allows us to send and receive images or audio and video files from multiple devices.

Today, mobile developers are continuing to enhance our devices, and it goes the same with the programs and applications. They developed gaming routers so we can play without lags, modems and routers for us to access the internet, and now a file-sharing application. They realized that we need to have a more reliable file-sharing app that will transfer files in a faster way. For that reason, they brought an app that will meet the needs of the mobile and computer users – the SHAREit.

SHAREit is one of the best and popular file-sharing apps in the market. It transfers files at a lightning speed no matter how large the file is. SHAREit can share the files from one device to another on different platforms. With just a few clicks, a file will be transferred in a matter of seconds or minutes, depending on how large the file is.

In here, I will share with you the information on how SHAREit works. It is based on the research I have made and of course, from the experience of using it. To have a first-hand experience of SHAREit, click this link and use SHAREit for Windows device. You can learn more about tech and gaming industry from our website.

How SHAREit Works: The Concept of a File-Sharing Application

A file-sharing application like SHAREit is the app that is responsible for sharing or transferring files from one device to another. The concept is based on networking, where there are a sender and a receiver. Both of the devices have their IP address. One of the devices must initiate or create a WiFi hotspot while the other must be connected to that hotspot.

Once the two devices established a connection, transferring files can be done. The sending device will choose the file/files, while the receiver just needs to wait for the files to be transferred completely. SHAREit does not uses any internet or Wi-Fi routers that will

How SHAREit Works Technically

SHAREit transmits data at the speed of 2 Mbps. This transmission does not use any type of cables or data. SHAREit uses Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) to transfer the files. The data to be sent is broken down into smaller pieces and it is called “packets.” The broken data packets are then transmitted to the receiver. When all the packets are received, the receiving device combines them and convert to the original file again.

Key Features of SHAREit

#1. Cross-PlatformSHAREit

SHAREit runs on different platforms whether it is smartphone, tablet or computer. It can be downloaded and installed in Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS.

#2. Share Everything in a Lightning Speed

With SHAREit, all types of files can be sent. You can share everything including images, audio and video files, documents, contacts and even applications. There’s no limit on transferring when it comes to file size.

One of the best features of SHAREit is that it can send and receive a file in a matter of seconds. No matter how large the file is, and how many files are you going to send, it will not take a long time to finish transferring.

#3. Share Files Simultaneously

SHAREit for PC comes with a special feature which allows group sharing for up to 5 devices. So, if you and your friends came to a party and you captured the moments, you can send those moments to them simultaneously.

#4. WiFi Hotspot Operated

Older mobile phones rely on Bluetooth to transfer and share files. SHAREit, on the other hand, does not need a Bluetooth or an internet to send and receive. You only need to create a WiFi hotspot which uses IP address and establish the connection between the devices, and transferring can be done.


Technically, it is hard to understand how SHAREit works on our devices. But when it comes to its concept, I am sure you know that already. Since most of us who have smartphones use SHAREit as our file-sharing app, we already familiarized ourselves on this program.

If you have questions and concerns regarding SHAREit app, please leave them in the comment box below. We are here to assist you with whatever we can do.

Gaming Router

Gaming Router: 3 Things To Know Before Buying One

If you are planning to buy a gaming router in 2018, you should first learn the most important thing before buying anything: Know what you are buying. Knowing is vital than just buying your way to any router that is offered or gets in your way just because it is cheap and it sounds good. To help you out, here are the things to know before buying a gaming router.Gaming Router

3 Things To Know Before Buying A Gaming Router

When you buy a gaming router, do not go for how it looks. The looks do not define the performance and capacity of a router. This is very important especially when you want a gaming router. Gaming router does not mean that it should be futuristic looking. It has to have all the qualities that a gaming router should have. Here are the three things to know before buying a gaming router.


How big is your house? Does it have a lot of rooms and obstructions? How many devices do you plan to connect to the router?

The range of the router is very crucial especially when you want it to broadcast all over the house. If that is the case, you will want a long frequency WiFi for that. For your information, there are two popular main frequencies for routers—the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz.

The 2.4GHZ is the long-range appropriate frequency. It can typically reach a wider area and is compatible with older WiFi devices. The only downside is that it is slow and poor with congested situations.

On the other hand, the 5GHz frequency is compatible with modern devices. It is good with handling congested traffic and is much faster. Its downside is that it is great only with shorter range areas.

If you can afford it, go for dual band. A router that can emit both 2.5GHz and 5GHz frequency is much better just in case you plan to carry around your router. Or if you are not sure about your area’s appropriate frequency, the dual band is a safe bet.

Processor and RAM

Just like your computer and smartphone, the router has RAM and processor. And if you want a gaming router, faster of both hardware is good for your gaming experience. Go for dual-core or better processor with 1.2GHZ frequency or more. And at least 256MB of RAM or better will give you smoother performance.

This is plain common sense. The better the processing power means better data handling and processing. That means, if you have multiple devices using the internet, it can easily distribute different types of data at once.

Advanced Features

Your candidate router should have features that are actually useful for you. Do not buy any router just because it has fancy new features that won’t have benefits for your daily use.

  1. Here is a list of typical added features that might or might not be really useful for you. See if anything here is actually worth something for your everyday use.
  2. USB Slots – this is usually useful if you have a pen drive or external hard drive that you want to share in the network. This is a great help if you do not want to share your PC or laptop’s local drive over the network. Also, everyone can access the files even if your PC or laptop is turned off. And if possible, choose the one that has USB 3.0 version. It is much faster.
  3. Support for MU-MIMO – this feature is great for multiple network users as this can transmit data with ease. Even if all the devices connected are streaming, it can handle it with flawlessly. The rest will be dependent on your internet speed.
  4. Smartphone app – the smartphone app lets you control most of the router’s capability on your mobile device. You download and install the app then go to via any browser and you will be on the admin page of your wifi router. This means that you will not have to go over to your router just to fix something.

In Conclusion

Those three features are your basis when you finally decide to pay for your chosen router. Of course, the price matters as well. But like I have mentioned earlier, if you can afford the router with all these features, then the price is not always a matter of preference.

But if you really mind the pricing, then try as much as you can to get the one with the nearest capability. The best thing you can do is try not to rush into buying anything. Look out to other markets and be patient with your choices. Who knows, you might find a great discount on one of your searches.

If you have other concerns and questions, feel free to leave a message in the comment section. We will try to get back to you as soon as we can. And don’t forget to share this article to help others as well.

Watch This Video to Learn Everything About WiFi Routers – Router and Modem Default IP Address

For using the internet provided by an internet service provider, we need to use a router. There are numerous routers manufactured by various companies such as D-Link, TP-Link, Netgear, etc. Each router is associated with an IP address which is used to access the administrator dashboard of that router. From here, one can configure or manage that router. is one such private IPv4 network address which is associated with some home-use broadband router. To solve any error or to manage the router, one can go to ‘’ this IP address using any web browser and make the necessary changes.

Some of the brands that use ‘’ this IP address are:
1. Westell DSL Modems (US ONLY)
2. Some Linksys Routers
3. 3Com Routers
4. Billion Routers
5. Netopia / Cayman Gateways

How to Setup your router using

Here, we are going to discuss how to set up a router which is associated to ‘’ this IP address. So let’s get started.

Step 1- Turn on your router and connect it to a device by using a wireless connection. You can also use a network cable to connect your PC/laptop to your router.

Step 2- Once connected, open a web browser on the device which you have connected to your router. Here, type ‘’ in the search bar and hit ‘Enter.’

Step 3- You will be directed to the setup page of your router. You will have to log in using the default username and password which is ‘admin.’ Once you log in successfully, a setup wizard will be displayed on your screen using which you set your router step by step.

Step 4- You have to set all the preferences according to your usage. Also, you can modify the password and the SSID of your router from here. You must keep saving the changes made in each category otherwise the changes which you have made will be undone.

Step 5- Once you are done with all the changes which you had to make, and when your router is all set, you must restart your router to apply all the changes which you have made.

Once you change the password of your router, you will have to reconnect your device to your router using the new password which you have set.

Reasons Why You Might Not be Able to Access

If you are not able to access ‘’ this IP address, there might be a few reasons which are listed below:

1. Your router is not turned on or is not ready to use. Be patient till the router is completely turned on and is ready to use.

2. Your router is not associated to ‘’, and you have mistaken it with some other IP address. You can try using 192.168.l.l or instead of in the address bar. Otherwise, To know the IP address associated with your router, open CMD and type ‘ipconfig/all‘ and know the correct IP address. Or you can use the command ‘ping’ and if it displays the message ‘Timeout’ then it means that you cannot connect to that IP address through your router.

3. If you are still unable to access ‘’ then, the network port is not specified, or there must be a firewall.

4. Ensure that all the required connections are made properly. Especially the power and the ethernet cable. If they are not connected properly, try putting them back in place.

5. If the problem is still not solved, disconnect all the connections of your router and turn it off. Then, reconnect the connections and restart your router. This should solve the problem.

6. If you are still facing difficulty in accessing the configuration page then, disconnect the device you are using from the router. Then, reconnect your device to the router and try accessing the configuration page again.

Can you assign ‘’ this IP address to a router?

Most of the routers are assigned their IP addresses by using Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). This means that you can reassign a different IP address to your router. But, you may face connection issues if the network’s router is not configured correspondingly.

Each router is configured with a range of private addresses. Hence, you can find out the range of your router’s IP addresses and check whether ‘’ is present in the list or not. If it is, you can assign ‘’ this IP address to your router.


This is all you need to know about ‘’ this IP address. If you still have queries regarding this IP address, then please let us know in the comments section below.